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Testimonial from Rachael

Hi Ann, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed last weekend’s stay at your property in Keysbrook. The weekend included all my favourite things; learning with my horse, good company and conversation, comfortable accommodation, (for me and my horse) delicious meals and even some time to sit and relax. I always enjoy my lessons with you, afterwards I feel inspired and enthused and keep practicing the new riding skills I learned and it is obvious how much this assists my horse’s wellbeing too. The weekend at Keysbrook was so wonderful that I am hoping to make it an annual (hopefully biannual) event and I feel it was an excellent way to start my riding year 2018. Thanks again Ann, I’m really looking forward to the next clinic in March!


Testimonial from Karen

Hi Ann, Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you for hosting Rachael and myself over the Australia Day long week-end @ the Intensive Training Stay in Keysbrook. The food and accommodation were really good and I really appreciated you catering for a vegetarian. Loved the fabulous outlook from your verandah too! I love the way you teach – your endless patience in developing ways to help your students and their horses obtain an understanding of what is needed. You have an insatiable quest for knowledge, always questioning and then searching for answers. I also appreciate your generosity of spirit, so willingly sharing that knowledge with your students. You make me want to be a better rider, inspiring me to continue the lifelong journey with my horses, along with all the accompanying highs and lows! Looking forward to the Body Mastery Clinic with you and Jen in March. 


Testimonial from Karen

Hi Ann, I just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for your time and inspiration at the weekend. I gave Starzy a rest day yesterday, but today we headed off round the property. After an initial wobble I managed to get myself much more centred and we had an amazing ride. Instead of flopping around and dropping onto the saddle I actually felt connected and safe – it was a great feeling! I must admit that I am still losing it every few minutes, but I could tell that Starz was having much more fun too. We had an amazing trot through the vine rows – flowing, steady and totally forward moving. I know I have a lot more work to do, but for the first time I feel like I’m moving in the right direction. So thank you so much – I can’t wait for your next visit to Margaret River.

Karen Tearney Margaret River

Testimonial from Laura

Hi Ann, Just wanted to say thanks to you and Jenni for all of your efforts and encouragement this week.  And love the way you both make me (and no doubt everyone as individuals) feel special and supported in our riding and life.  Thank you !!! My ride this afternoon felt good.  Much more stillness in my seat, and my lower back felt fuller can’t wait for the next Ann/ Jenni clinic.  Definitely count me in !

Dr Laura Thompson Perth

Testimonial from Suze

In New
Zealand we have been fortunate enough to have Ann hold clinics twice a year for
the last two years.

In that
time, the improvement in my riding,  and as a result my horses way of
going, has been dramatic.  I competed in Eventing, Show Jumping and
Dressage to National Championship level for many years and have been lucky
enough to be taught by a World Eventing Champion (Blyth Tait) and coaches of
Olympic Teams (Jack Le Goff from the USA, Captain Mark Phillips from England).

In my
lessons with Ann, I have had more “penny drop” moments, than with all the other
coaching combined.  This level of progress is not unique to only my
riding.  I have seen Ann transform, sometimes in a matter of minutes,
riders from Grand Prix Dressage level to learner children and all those in between.
 Ann has helped so many rider and horse types – from a frenetic 13.2hh
Hafflinger to a 17hh hunter to a sour pleasure hack to a purpose bred dressage
star of the future.

ability to focus on the causes of riding challenges rather than the symptoms,
combined with the skills and sensitivity to communicate adjustments using the
RWYM Training and NLP qualifications, make her a fantastic coach that I
couldn’t endorse highly enough.

I will be organising clinics in New Zealand for many years to come as I believe Ann has the skills and commitment to continuous professional development, that make her an outstanding coach.

Suze Kenington New Zealand

Testimonial from Sarah

Thank you
Ann, I am still feeling slightly teary as I reflect on the impact of the

My legs
are buzzing from knicker tendon to toes and I now have some serious
strengthening to do over the next few months (for my darling horse I will do
it) and I have hope that I can achieve still legs, which other teachers have
despaired of.  You are a real source of positivity and encouragement,
providing emotional safety for everyone which accelerates their ability to

Sarah Hamilton New Zealand

Testimonial from Louise

Montgomery has been my riding coach for the past seven years.  During this
time she has not “taught” me how to ride, instead guiding me on a journey where
I continue to develop a sense of feel and awareness of both my own body and
that of my horse.

Ann is an already experienced coach, judge and competitor, her ongoing
commitment to her own personal development has meant that she always has new
learnings to share with her pupils.  Her openmindedness and desire to
continue to improve her training and coaching methods, mean that as a pupil I
continue to benefit from this. For every challenge that I face, I can feel
confident that Ann and Ride With Your Mind principles will assist me in finding
the solution.

I feel
very fortunate to have discovered Ann and Ride With Your Mind, rarely will you
find such a dedicated and inspiring coach and mentor.  And the greatest
blessing is that, as a result, I know my horses are being schooled in a kind
and correct manner.

Louise Goundry Perth

Testimonial from Amanda

I am
embarrassed that it has taken me so long to write this email (school holidays
are my only excuse).

I found
your lessons to be so helpful and enjoyable.  I have continued to try and
concentrate on my position and yesterday Dee struck off on her left canter the
first time I asked for it.  This is such an exciting development for us,
that I cannot find the words…..

I am not
fooling myself that it means all our issues in this area are solved but it just
gives me such hope and encourages me to keep working on it.  I often dread
going to a one on one lesson as I am not sure that my energy (or hers) will
last for the whole time.  But your lesson passed so quickly and I felt
such immediate progress that I was surprised when you said it was over.

I have
watched the DVD a couple of times and it definitely keeps me motivated when I
see the change in Dee’s movement within that first lesson.

I will be
contacting Bec again in the hope of attending another lesson this month or

Thank you
again !



Amanda Davey Perth

Testimonial from Vicky

RWYM teaching method has helped me gain a greater understanding of the “how”,
helping me identify my weak spots and improve my riding skills in a
constructive manner.  She has helped me to join the dots, and consolidate
threads of my knowledge into a more solid foundation from which to progress.

I love
this method because it connects my mind to my body and how it relates to the
horse underneath me.  I am confident that I will be able to achieve my
personal riding goals with RWYM and really enjoy the journey.



Vicky Udall

Testimonial from Colleen

taught me to ride in 1982.  I continued learning with her for the
next 20-odd years; until she left South Africa for Australia. Ann always focused
on furthering my riding career and equine education whenever she could.
 She was sensitive enough to notice when my confidence took a knock; while
she also created a safe environment in which I learnt to ride beyond my own
perceived ability, thus helping my confidence to flourish.

As a
coach, Ann strove to increase her own knowledge constantly, by taking courses
with visiting instructors and experts.  She always shared her knowledge
willingly with her students so that they received a well-rounded education in
whatever discipline they competed in. She has an accurate eye, spotting
problems and issues with horses and explaining clearly how this might influence
the rider.

The one
aspect of Ann’s teaching that I appreciated the most was her focus on the rider’s
position in the saddle.  This helped me develop an independent seat early
on in my riding career and has stood me in good stead, especially when riding a
range of different horses.

understanding of how the rider’s body works, as well as her compassion for
horses make her an excellent coach. Her teaching style is easy to understand,
her sense of humour brings a relaxed tone to lessons and her compassion for the
horse and rider make her an understanding instructor.

I would
highly recommend Ann as a riding coach !

Colleen Mulrooney South Africa

Testimonial from Kajsa

How I wish that I had found
Ann and RWYM many years ago, I feel so lucky that she is not too far away!

I have been attending the
Oakford clinics since September 2017 with my horses, as well as having a few
private lessons at Ann’s. I love the way Ann teaches holistically, considering
both the horse’s and rider’s mind, body, sensations and past experiences. I
have become less tense in my body while riding for Ann and she has helped me to
assist my horses to get back to work slowly after injuries and then develop
more correct use of their bodies.  I am
slowly achieving a better position and feel while riding and have more harmony
with my horses as a result."   

Kajsa Perth

Testimonial from Joanne and Little Geoffery

Hi Ann,

Just wanted to say a big thank you
for the great lesson yesterday

It was great getting all the feedback
and seeing the comparison video, that really hit home about it all.

I'm sure Geoffery is happy with it
too. He seemed a changed horse so early in the lesson

It was amazing to feel him so
different under saddle.

I’ve watched the videos over and
over and it just gives you an amazing insight into what you've been doing wrong
for so long. The video chat after is really great and i think that's when 
it really sinks into the old brain about it all.

I can’t wait to get on Geoffery
tomorrow and try to remember it all. X my finger that I do

I will be back for a lesson as soon
as time and money permits

Thanks again Ann and also thanks for
the coffee that was so appreciated too 🙂

Perth WA

Joanne and Little Geoffery :):) Perth WA

Testimonial from Kelly

Dear Ann, I honestly can't even begin to express how much your support and encouragement means to me and how much it has elevated my confidence and try. I meant to say to you the other morning that one of the main things I love about your coaching is you have a genuine liking for every person and horse that you are dealing with. There is never any negativity, only things that need to be worked on. It is a mindset I am very much aiming to emulate?

Kelly Rana Hart Darwin, NT

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