Testimonial from Louise

Ann Montgomery has been my riding coach for the past seven years.  During this time she has not “taught” me how to ride, instead guiding me on a journey where I continue to develop a sense of feel and awareness of both my own body and that of my horse.

Although Ann is an already experienced coach, judge and competitor, her ongoing commitment to her own personal development has meant that she always has new learnings to share with her pupils.  Her openmindedness and desire to continue to improve her training and coaching methods, mean that as a pupil I continue to benefit from this. For every challenge that I face, I can feel confident that Ann and Ride With Your Mind principles will assist me in finding the solution.

I feel very fortunate to have discovered Ann and Ride With Your Mind, rarely will you find such a dedicated and inspiring coach and mentor.  And the greatest blessing is that, as a result, I know my horses are being schooled in a kind and correct manner.

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Louise Goundry Perth

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