Testimonial from Joanne and Little Geoffery

Hi Ann,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the great lesson yesterday

It was great getting all the feedback and seeing the comparison video, that really hit home about it all.

I’m sure Geoffery is happy with it too. He seemed a changed horse so early in the lesson

It was amazing to feel him so different under saddle.

I’ve watched the videos over and over and it just gives you an amazing insight into what you’ve been doing wrong for so long. The video chat after is really great and i think that’s when  it really sinks into the old brain about it all.

I can’t wait to get on Geoffery tomorrow and try to remember it all. X my finger that I do

I will be back for a lesson as soon as time and money permits

Thanks again Ann and also thanks for the coffee that was so appreciated too 🙂

Perth WA

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Joanne and Little Geoffery :):) Perth WA

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