Testimonial from Colleen

Ann taught me to ride in 1982.  I continued learning with her for the next 20-odd years; until she left South Africa for Australia. Ann always focused on furthering my riding career and equine education whenever she could.  She was sensitive enough to notice when my confidence took a knock; while she also created a safe environment in which I learnt to ride beyond my own perceived ability, thus helping my confidence to flourish.

As a coach, Ann strove to increase her own knowledge constantly, by taking courses with visiting instructors and experts.  She always shared her knowledge willingly with her students so that they received a well-rounded education in whatever discipline they competed in. She has an accurate eye, spotting problems and issues with horses and explaining clearly how this might influence the rider.

The one aspect of Ann’s teaching that I appreciated the most was her focus on the rider’s position in the saddle.  This helped me develop an independent seat early on in my riding career and has stood me in good stead, especially when riding a range of different horses.

Ann’s understanding of how the rider’s body works, as well as her compassion for horses make her an excellent coach. Her teaching style is easy to understand, her sense of humour brings a relaxed tone to lessons and her compassion for the horse and rider make her an understanding instructor.

I would highly recommend Ann as a riding coach !

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Colleen Mulrooney South Africa

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