Testimonial from Amanda

I am embarrassed that it has taken me so long to write this email (school holidays are my only excuse).

I found your lessons to be so helpful and enjoyable.  I have continued to try and concentrate on my position and yesterday Dee struck off on her left canter the first time I asked for it.  This is such an exciting development for us, that I cannot find the words…..

I am not fooling myself that it means all our issues in this area are solved but it just gives me such hope and encourages me to keep working on it.  I often dread going to a one on one lesson as I am not sure that my energy (or hers) will last for the whole time.  But your lesson passed so quickly and I felt such immediate progress that I was surprised when you said it was over.

I have watched the DVD a couple of times and it definitely keeps me motivated when I see the change in Dee’s movement within that first lesson.

I will be contacting Bec again in the hope of attending another lesson this month or next.

Thank you again !

Perth ffffffffffff

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Amanda Davey Perth

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