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Body & Mind Mastery

Explore what the mind and body can do in combination with your horse

Testimonial from Kelly

I honestly can't even begin to express how much your support and encouragement means to me and how much it has elevated my confidence and try. Continue Reading

Kelly Rana Hart Darwin, NT

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Body and Mind Mastery Clinic’s

These unique clinics are held yearly about March-April in WA and in Nov in New Zealand. 

 This is a combined Clinic with Ann Montgomery who teams up with Jennifer Abdelnoor from NZ. BSC (hons) Physiothery, Certified Polestar Pilates rehab educator, and so Jennifers work may include depending on the rider’s needs: Body bio-mechanical analysis, breath awareness techniques, Muscular assessment and balancing, Fascial release and integration, Physiotherapy, massage/ soft tissue work, Pilates exercises and repertoires .

A very unique and special clinic that makes changes to body and mind, allowing horse and rider to work harmoniously together.

Each clinic will include the following; – First day will include your hour long initial ridden assessment with Ann and Jen this lesson is split into three segments including the rider and horse assessment, rider off horse bodywork session followed by biomechanics lesson. – Pilates session (day 1 only) – Video feedback and discussion to consolidate the changes you were feeling. – Second day starts with a Private 45min body and mind session with Jen off horse, this can include, (with your permission) changes to internal dialog and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you or is blocking your progress.

Followed immediately for your 45min lesson with Ann to maximise the changes in your body and feedback from your horse. – Video feedback and discussion to maximise the changes made over the two days.

Jenny Abdelnoor – New Zealand

Jenni AbdelnoorHi I’m Jen, a UK trained Physiotherapist, Movement Specialist and Bodyworker currently living in and loving New Zealand. I am a horse rider/ owner and Equine and Human Bodyworker. I have my own Physiotherapy practice and Pilates Studio.

My work has led me to combine two of my greatest passions, the Human Body and the dynamic relationship with the horses’ Body in Motion…… as we are 2 ‘separate “Meat Suits”, our beautiful myofascial, bipedal bag of organs and intelligence needs to be able to interface elegantly with that of the horse, which is a quadrupedal highly sensitive bio-energetic system.

The work I do aligns effortlessly with RWYM as we explore your own unique language of Body Wisdom and learning to allow this relationship to Self awareness within your scope of riding and life to unfold…….

I use a multitude of tools from my tool kit as we work with Riders: Body bio-mechanical analysis, breath awareness techniques, Muscular assessment and balancing, Fascial release and integration, Physiotherapy, massage/ soft tissue work, Pilates exercises and repertoires, Energetics, Emotional, Mental  and Subtle body integration, Fun, Laughter, Love and a Passion for your Journey into greater Riding harmony……………

Ann Montgomery

  • Ride With Your Mind™ Level 2 Mastery Coach (UK)
  • NLP Practitioner (Australia)
  • SANEF Level 2 Coach (South Africa)
  • EA Level 2 Coach (Australia) – De-registered Nov 2018
  • EA Level D Dressage Judge (Australia) – Retired 2014
  • BHS Horsemaster (UK)
  • Senior First Aid Certificate (Australia)

Learning has been a life-long preoccupation of Ann’s.  Despite working her way through the coaching accreditation system in three countries – the UK, South Africa and Australia – she still felt there was something missing from the way riding was taught.

When she was introduced to Mary Wanless’ work on the bio-mechanics of the rider, she realised that she has discovered the missing piece of the puzzle.

Ann’s search for knowledge has been as much about her own riding, as that of her students, so she has a great empathy for mindful riders who are striving to be best version of themselves that they can be.

She is the forever student, who hopes never to stop learning.

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Call or email Ann and ask for guidance based on your individual circumstances.